Waverly has been quite a handful today.  For those of you who saw the video that my friend Kamarah made, Wavey has an insatiable urge to chew.  She still wears her chewelery necklace and it is wonderful.  But today she wanted to chew everything she came in contact with - books, pillows, toys, furniture, clothing, etc.  It is so difficult to know how to handle it.  I have everything baby proofed.  I try not to have anything even remotely chokeable within her reach.

She was also in a "pillaging mood".  That is what Matt calls it when Waverly roams from room to room dumping out bins, knocking over books and creating a mess in her wake.  It was quite a day.

But she is one happy little girl.


Jan said…
She is also one very beautiful and very much loved little girl....continuing to pray for all of you.....Jan
fern said…
It has to be a relief knowing you have everything baby proofed so well. I'm awfully glad to hear she is pillaging happily!
Lizze said…
I love the visual I get of Waverly happily pillaging your home. Hopefully Mommy isn't run raged during the pillaging. ;) I'm praying and thinking of you all.
Kim said…
I have a kid who chews EVERYTHING in my classroom. I have come to recognize a twinkle in his eye (if I am close enough to see it) and can get his chewy tube in his mouth quickly enough to divert the improper chewing...

I don't think that sentence makes any sense.

I guess maybe a thought would be if you see her going for something, is it possible to then make sure she has her chewelry in her mouth? (I have to physically place the chewy tube in his mouth.) It is at least a little harder to chew two things at once.

(For the record, it has yet to divert this student from chewing on the wood door frame of my classroom door window. So it is not foolproof. The principal does not know...)

Just a thought, and lots of prayers for your precious girl and big boy! :)
Anonymous said…
Clara chews on every thing as well. Her poor shirt sleeves always are wet in the colder months. We had a bad paddle ball experience this past September. It is hard having a MPS child and a son at age 4 that can only have limited toys because of his sister. We now have books that are bath books, the board books are all missing corners. And bordom with Clara means mass distruction of things that are not hers. She can reach everything. We try to have humor and keep things out of reach however she is tall and the only safe place now seem to be the top of the refrigerator. You will find ways to adapt soon. Gates will be needed again and we have key locks on the inside of our door dead bolts so she can not get out. It is like a toddler again but with 7 year old abilities. We love her and we have made many changes. Hope the kids are feeling better soon. Jenifer Gibson

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