Last night Matt and I gave Waverly a small amount of melatonin before bed.  Many of our doctors and other moms have suggested we try it, to see if it will help Wavey fall asleep faster at night.  It is a totally natural product.  We tried it last night and she feel asleep in record time.  11 minutes!!!  She is also still battling a bit of a cold, but I think the combination of actually feeling sleepy and the melatonin worked beautifully.  We are going to try it for a few weeks and see if we can "reset" her little body to be sleepy at a certain time and fall asleep more quickly.


debby said…
As someone who suffers with insomnia myself (difficulty falling AND staying asleep), I've found melatonin to help.
Your always in my thoughts & prayers!
Love and a big hug,
Penny said…
Oh good I am so glad it worked for her! I will pray that it keeps on working.
Misty said…
I am so happy that the Meletonin helped Wavey. I am so proud of Oli having an excellent check up, we do whatever we can to keep Will at ease at his Dr.visits. We are going to the conference in December. I think that most people try to make that one. I have not yet attended a conference, so I am very excited. Also, Shannon if there is a walk/run event close to your area attend it! We have attended two of these events and it was wonderful feeling"normal" being around other people with your same normal. I also was getting helpful ideas on having my own walk/run event, hopefully I will have one in Septmeber. Kepping you in my thoughts and prayers, daily, Misty

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