Road Trip

We are off to North Carolina today.  We are taking Waverly & Oliver back to see a developmental pediatrician and her team.  They evaluated the kids back in May, when we were there to decide if we wanted to pursue the transplant option.  The doctor has seen a lot of kids with Sanfilippo and is conducting a long term study on their development.  She is an incredible resource for us.  It will be a long day tomorrow.  The kids will both have a full evaluation from an audiologist, PT, OT, Speech Therapist, and the pediatrician.  They keep it fun and they both did really well the last time we were there.  Plus, they are quite used to these evaluations and therapy settings.

I think the trip may end up being a bit emotional for me.  Just being back in the area is going to bring up a lot of memories from our last visit.  That was the most difficult week of my life, leading up to the most difficult decision that I have ever had to make.  However, we are so confident that we made the best decision for Waverly, Oliver and our family.


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