Tooth Fairy

We just realized that Waverly lost her first tooth.  It has been loose for months and I just haven't been able to get a good enough grip on it to pull it out.  She went to bed with all of her baby teeth and woke up down one.  We aren't sure if it is in her bed or in her belly.  But she has reached another milestone.

And in the celebrating, there is sadness.  There is no tooth fairy pillow under her head as she sleeps tonight.  No dreams of the coins that await her in the morning.  No toy or stuffed animal she is saving her money to buy.  

Just a little girl...content in her Daddy's arms...falling asleep.


Jawn said…
We actually weren't visited by the tooth fairy either when Kale lost his first tooth earlier this year. We decided instead to treat him to a special dinner out with just us (no sisters) Maybe you could do something special with Waverly to celebrate.

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