Happy All Saints Day!

It is simply gorgeous today.  We decided to take a walk and Oliver tried out the tricycle for the first time.  Before this photo was taken, he was having a ball.  He even tried peddling a few times.  We were shocked to see his little feet moving.  He was so cute.

Here is Waverly looking at one of the many fountains in our apartment complex.  She looks so pretty.

Oliver loved the fountain.  He kept clapping in excitement - praising the fountain for the water he could splash.

It's been a good day.  We picked out glasses for Waverly.  (Now if she will only wear them.)  We choose two styles to order and we will try them out next week and see which one works best.  We also spent some time outside enjoying the beautiful fall day.  While driving to therapy the other day, I passed a cute little pizzeria that claimed to have NY style pizza and they sold it by the slice.  We tried it out today for lunch and while not quite Salvatore's quality, it was still quite good.  It was super child friendly and I think it is going to be a regular place for us.

It has been nice to have a regular day finally.  We have been so busy out of town or moving, that this is really one of our first weekends where we can just enjoy it.  After nap time (hence a time to upload photos and blog), we hope to get outside more and enjoy the sun.


sarahdv17 said…
That is a really picture of Waverly. I'm impressed that Oliver is picking up the tricycle. My boys were both older than Oliver before they figured it out.
pknelson said…
Minnie and Goofy have made me smile all day. Tell Waverly we love her new hair cut!

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