Matt and I had a meeting today to finalize Waverly's IEP for kindergarten.  We had to decide on placement and services - really the 2 most difficult areas of the IEP.  Everyone was on board with our preference of having Waverly attend a local elementary school that has a moderate-severe special needs self-contained classroom.  She will attend all day, although a half-day option is there if a full day is too much for her.  We have worked out that she will receive OT, PT, Speech, HI, assistive communication and audiology services (whew!).  I was also thrilled to hear that they are going to hire a 1:1 assistant for her next year as well.  (I thought this was going to be the most difficult item, but everyone agreed that she needs that assistance for her safety.)  She is also going to attend the summer program they have for 6 weeks in July & August, with a 1:1.

It was such a wonderful meeting.  Everyone in the room understood the unique nature of Waverly's disease.  I could sense their compassion and love for her.  The principal of the school where she will attend was amazing!!  Matt and I were both instantly impressed.  She has observed Wavey in her preschool setting and truly wants to create the best environment.

I have heard horror stories from other Sanfilippo parents regarding IEPs and placement.  We chose this area of Virginia specifically for their special education program.  We are so thankful that we did!  I have always said it is the little things.  This meeting was no exception.  There was no fighting, no battle for understanding, no additional stress.  I am confident that Wavey is going to be in a wonderful kindergarten classroom, with people around who will support her, keep her safe, make her smile and allow her the opportunity to enjoy life. 

Of course I handed them all an MPS Awareness ribbon at the end.


Samantha said…
Hey Shannon!
My mom and I were reading your update. My mom says the plan sounds great for next year, take advantage of any and all services you can get for Waverly. The summer program sounds very positive as well. Good Luck hope to see you in June. Will you be at the Faith Church yard sale?
Beth said…
I was praying for you and your husband today, specifically that you could see God's blessings in your lives despite the circumstances. It is encouraging to see how Waverly's schooling is working out so well. God knew before each of them were born that they would need parents to be proactive for them and love them unconditionally. He put them in your care for His purposes, they are precious to Him.
The Leivas said…
I am so happy for you! I've been thinking of you and I'm so glad that things for school next year seem to be falling into place!
Katie said…
I check in on your blog often and pray for you and your beautiful little boy and girl. I am so pleased to hear how well your kindergarten meeting went! Waverly's school picture is precious. I love her pink glasses!
Shannon said…
Hi Samantha. We are planning on attending the yard sale event in June. Will you guys be there?
Joanne Huff said…
Hi Shannon,

I am SO happy to read how your IEP went. That part is so important, and you deserve it!

Joanne, Mom to Sasha
Kim said…
I wish all parents were so proactive and wanted these things for the RIGHT reasons, like you all do!! :) (I have parents who want an assistant for their kids because they just real reason. It doesn't make sense...)

At any rate, as a moderate/severe teacher, I am so thankful to hear that your meeting went well and that Waverly will be getting what she needs!!

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